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The Vision

Sammamish is home to over 65,000 people ranging in different backgrounds, ages, cultures, ethnicity and experiences making it an incredible diverse location. Sammamish residents love nature and technology. Sammamish is home to some of the world’s greatest technology talent but lacks technology workspaces. Eastlake Development wants to fill this void by constructing a one of a kind Tech Campus and Nature Park with a Gondola stretching over Lake Sammamish connecting Sammamish to Redmond. To make this vision a reality we need you to voice your opinion on this incredible project. Time is of the essence to make your voice heard. Take a look, get inspired and help us bring something truly awe inspiring to our community.   

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Tech Campus Buildings

Sammamish is home to the worlds greatest  tech talent. Limit your commute by working in your own backyard. With 180 degree views of lake Sammamish this campus will inspire creativity and productivity. Need additional inspiration? Miles of bridges and trails are easily accessible or take  gondola ride to soar above the tree tops and view the lush gardens below. 

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Outpost Buildings

Perched just above the tree tops these low impact elevated spaces promote collaboration for tech teams by day and present  a wide range of uses on nights and weekends. This unique space is ideal for weddings, banquets, birthdays and other celebratory uses

Trails and Suspension Bridges

Traverse across the hillside and find inspiration in the lush landscape, low impact design and lake views while crossing over 30 unique bridges incorporated into 6 miles of trails.  

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Nestled within the picturesque landscape of the Sammamish Hillside this 80 room luxury hotel blends into the natural environment. A retreat that will cleanse, restore and renew mind body and spirit

Onsite Gondola 

Between the many canyons and different elevation levels the problem arises on how to move people with varying physical  abilities from point A to point B with minimal disturbance to the land. With these parameters in mind and studying different methods of transportation a Gondola meets all the requirements. This virtually silent gondola will effortlessly move people throughout the site while offering a unique experience in itself. 

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Gondola to Redmond

Bypass the legendary bottlenecks in Issaquah and Redmond and enjoy the view instead. Effortlessly glide across lake Sammamish (just a 13 minute ride) into the Microsoft campus or directly connect onto light rail at Redmond Technology Station. Headed to the Airport? Baseball game in Seattle? Shopping trip in Bellevue? Do it in comfort and ease all while avoiding the stress of traffic. 

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 Arboretum & Botanical Gardens  

Thoughtfully cultivated throughout the 100 acre site, meandering pathways will lead you through large sweeping beds of seasonal flowers and plants intertwined with the existing native trees. The sites natural hillside topography lends itself perfectly to sunken gardens reminiscent of Buchart Gardens. Educational opportunities will abound for students to discover the science of studying trees and native vegetation through hands on activities

Outdoor Amphitheater  

This is an ideal space for Community gatherings while taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather. Designed to bring people together the amphitheater is the perfect spot to enjoy  a movie, listen to a local band, enjoy watching Shakespeare in the park or to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  

Crop - Amphitheater.jpg

With it’s futuristic design this multi purpose auditorium presents endless possibilities whether it be hosting a tech conference by day or a local high school band concert by night this auditorium will be the envy of other communities all across the Northwest


We Want to Hear From You

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